As pet lovers, we have a responsibility towards our pets, like dogs. We have to keep an eye on their foodways, health and all very deliberately. It’s a habit based on how it’s being served and on the coach that gains. Most people make decisions based on them and segment them as either “dangerous” or “fearless.” But it hangs on their keepers. As all of us know, dogs are appraised as the ideal pet, best friend, and family member of a man. They are very adorable and protective also.

We can see different types of dogs. Dogs vary in their race, physical size, completion, and outlook. Some look cute, love at first sight and some are freighting, terrifying. But the looks can let you down at the time.

Some people are frightened for them, and some love them & treat them equally. Some think they are gifts from Santa in the world.

Photo courtesy: WDYST

#01 Dogo Argentino

This dog has been built to gain a classic species to hunt animals like peccaries, wild boars, and red foxes by Antonio Nores Martínez (an Argentine doctor). This dog is concerned as a heroic and high-born creature. Its look says that it’s rarely approachable.

#02 Dobero

Dobero is known as suspicious due to its outlook. It is set on energetic, active, brave, and strong. There is a saying that it is a recreation of man’s Egyptian God of Hell, Anubis.

#03 Tosa Inu

Tosa Inu is very hostile, willing to die fighting & has a considerable size. It has qualities like a dutiful, true-hearted, brave, protective, and wise dog from breeders. It is from Japan.

#4 Neapolitan Mastiff

Very expensive and hard to achieve dog. It is a calm dog but can get aggressive if the owner fails to control it logically and supervised.

#5 Pitbull terrier

Crossing terriers and bulldogs create them to take a braver version with the body of athletic. Crossing lands are Ireland, England, and Scotland. They are used for fights before they were banned. Well famous as “the perfect killer in the canine world.” Although their first look is terrifying, it depends on the way we train & treat them.

#6 Pitbull Merle

Famous as a very powerful dog that can kill another creature within one second. They are grouped as “aggressive” and “extremely strong.” Used mainly by gangs, and they are set to attack at any time.

#7 Dogo Mallorquin

A little bit aggressive, unsure with unknown people. Not given confidence in a short time toward the strangers. They have great adjustments. Race with naturally dominant. Fast learners & have socialization.

#8 Staffordshire Bull Terrier

They are created by crossing from old English Bulldogs with Terriers to start dogfighting. They have starred no. 1 of 7800 attacks on humans around the world.

#9 Presa Canario

Symbolic dogs form the Canary Islands. They are very gentle and love kids, although their look is fearful. Totally opposite of their appearance.

#10 Cane Corso

Cane Corso is very aggressive that existed in Ancient Rome, and they descend from Canis Pugnax. In the past, they were used for wars because they are strong and resistant. They are from the 16th century. There is a saying that Italians used them for hunting wild boars and protecting their farms.

#11 Rottweiler

Rottweiler is a brilliant, obedient, and highly trained dog. Fast learners about many things. Loyal to protect family and property.


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